Package net.sf.xaj

Interface Summary
Cacheable API for an object that is able to be cached.
DiscoverableXmlDb API for XmlDb implementations that are discoverable via some service locator.
XmlDb API for an XQuery based service.
XmlDb.BatchTaskResult A Future for the List of Serializable XmlResource IDs processed in the batch process.
XmlDb.SearchResultsMetadata Metadata about SearchResults.
XmlDb.XQuerySearchCriteria XQuery search criteria.
XmlDb.XQuerySearchResults Search results object.
XmlDbBatchHandler API for processing an XmlResource in batch.
XmlDbManager Entry point for the XmlDb API.
XmlResource API for base XML document structure.

Class Summary
XmlDbConstants Constants for the XmlDb project.

Enum Summary
XmlDb.State A state.

Exception Summary
XmlDbException A runtime exception for XmlDb.