Xaj: Simple XQuery API for Java

Last Published: December 6, 2007

Welcome to Xaj

Xaj is a small Java API for accessing XML-enabled databases, focused on:

  • Storing XML documents
  • Retrieving XML documents
  • Batch processing XML documents
  • Executing XQuery queries

Xaj itself is nonspecific towards the XML database implementation you'd like to use, and relies on different database implementations to access them, such as Berkeley DB XML, DB2, Exist, JDBC, MarkLogic, Oracle, Sedna, or X-Hive.

The goal is to provide a simple API for Java developers who need access to an XML database. Since the API itself is generic, your ccode is not tied to any one XML database implementation.

Project status

Xaj started in late 2006 as an evaluation project for using XQuery in Java against XML databases. Different database implementations have had different degrees of work done on them. In particular, the Berkeley DB XML implementation has the best support and has been deployed in high-demand production environments for some time now. Other database implementations vary from "proof of concept" to "beta" quality.