Xaj: Download

Last Published: December 6, 2007


You can download Xaj for free and use it in your own projects. Xaj has been tested extensively on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. It should run on any platform with a Java 5 runtime.

Xaj is a 100% Java web application that requires an XML database. Currently the requirements are as follows:

Java 5

Get the appropriate Java SDK/JDK for your server platform. You can get this from Sun, IBM, or Blackdown.

XML Database

Right now Xaj best supports Berkeley DB XML. However other database implementations have "proof of concept" or "beta" implementations available. You must download and install the XML database you'd like to use with Xaj.

There are other XML database solutions out there. You are encouraged to implement support for other databases, and donate that implementation back to the Xaj project.


Currently you must check the source code out from Subversion. See the Xaj Subversion page for more information. The main development branch to check out is https://xaj.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xaj/xaj.